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Oct 02, 2015   02:56 PM

Olfen ISD Students of the Month are nominated by teachers and staff.  A rubric that measures: academic performance, attendance rate, and citizenship is used to determine which students are most deserving for grades PreK-2nd, 3rd-5th, and 6th-8th.  The selected students receive a certificate of recognition awarded at a school assembly and are allowed to be first in line for lunch alone with one friend of their choosing for an entire week.  Congratulations to Trevor, Evie, and Hope, keep up the great work students.  For more information on Olfen ISD, or if you wish to join our Mustang family please call 442-4301. Click here to view the Students

Oct 02, 2015   02:52 PM
Raffle picture

Ballinger Bearcat Athletic Booster Club is selling raffle tickets for $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00. Prizes are a Bearcat quilt, a football signed by the Varsity football team or a megaphone signed by the Varsity Cheerleaders. All items will be on display and tickets can be purchased at home football games and also at The First National Bank of Ballinger. Winners will be announced November 6th. 

Sep 27, 2015   09:55 AM

Part 7:  The Maeroy Theater 

When Louis Cohen opened his Queen Theater, he hired twenty year old Mae McElroy.  She was put in charge of ticket sales, and she did so for the entire run of that theater’s existence.  When Louis was called away to serve his country during WWI, Mae was in complete charge of the theater’s daily operations.  In later years, she was credited for “selling millions of tickets” to Ballinger theater-goers.  

Mae wanted to be in the movies, and working at the theater was thrilling for her as she got to see stars like Rudolph Valentino and Gloria Swanson on the screen every week.  She would also go to Chicago by train to help pick out the movies that would be shown in the coming months at the Queen.  Mae was particularly fond of Richard Barthelmess, so she would always try to book his movies.  On those shopping trips, it was common to see the real-life stars as they helped promote the movies to the theater managers.  On one occasion, she got to meet one of the greatest stars of the day, Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle. 

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Sep 24, 2015   07:56 AM

Part 6:  The Queen Theater

In 1914, Louis Cohen came to Ballinger with the purpose of opening a motion picture theater.  He did so by building the Queen Theater at 807 Hutchings.  His mission was to show first-class movies at the lowest possible price, which was just ten cents.  The first remarkable picture is from 1915 and shows just how it looked as Louis built it.  The second picture shows how that location looks today.  

In 1916, Louis installed two immense exhaust fans to move air through the theater for the comfort of his patrons.  In June, he and his good friend, Roy Reeder, consolidated their businesses.  The Princess Theater, which belonged to Roy, was closed.  They continued the operation of the White City Airdome in the summer and the Queen Theater year-round. 

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Sep 23, 2015   07:21 AM

Ballinger ISD Will have an All district early release, on Wednesday, September 23rd at 1:00 pm.

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